Ronhill Magnetic LED Button


Stay visible on late nights with the Magnetic LED Button from Ronhill

With the Ronhill Magnetic LED Button you can stay safe on late nights. When darkeness closes in simply attach the button to your outer jacket and watch as you become visible. The LED button features three illumination modes; mode 1, a slow (low power) flash, mode 2 a quick flash and mode 3 will continually stay luminous. To change between the different mode simply press the button for 0.5 seconds or, if you're looking to turn off the button hold it for 2 seconds. The Magnetic LED Button also has a different battery life in each mode. Mode 1 will keep you visible for 1000 hours, mode 2 for 500 hours and mode 3 for 50 hours. It also features battery preservation which after 2 hours the light will auto switch to Power Save (Mode 1), then run for another 6 hours before Auto-Off.

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