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Insoles + Injury

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    Gehwol Fusskraft Blue

    • For dry, rough skin
    • Moisturising - naturally fresh
    From £2.00
  • Kinesiology Tape

    • Strong adhesive properties
    • Extra elasticity to optimize tissue lift
    • Water resistant Coating
    • Random colours (unless specified)
    • Great value
  • Spiky Self Massage Ball


    Spiky Massage Ball for trigger point massage, relaxation exercises, hand therapy and reflexology.
    From £6.00
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil (30ml)

    Latin Name: Melaleuca alternifolia

    • Invigorating and antiseptic aromatherapy oil used in the treatment of colds and flu
    • Widely recognized for its purifying and soothing skin care benefits including the treatment of acne
    • Used in massage to reduce aching and inflammation
    • Blends well with rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender and spice oils such as nutmeg
  • Test Product

    Short Description£10.99
  • Vasyli 3/4 Length EasyFit Orthotics

    MEDIUM DENSITY This model features a lateral cutaway, providing an easy fit into hard-to-fit footwear, including men’s loafers and ladies’ (low-heeled) dress shoes and cleats. Ideal for both narrow and wide-fitting footwear.£48
  • Vasyli Dananberg Full Length Orthotic

    Product Details Podplus is probably the cheapest price on the net! 1ST RAY FUNCTION ORTHOTIC The VASYLI + Howard Dananberg (VHD) orthotic is the world’s first professional orthotic device with removable 1st ray sections. You can remove proximal and distal plugs individually or together, as needed, making treatment of 1st ray function easier. To accommodate variations in the length of a patient’s foot and toes, you can remove the plugs when fitting the orthotic, ensuring the head of the first metatarsophalangeal joint (MPJ) coincides with the removed plug. In cases where maximum effect is required, such as with structural hallux limitus (SHL), you can remove both plugs. This enhances 1st ray function by offering a larger path of least resistance to the joint. This orthotic is also heat moldable, allowing personalization of rear foot control. And you can choose from a selection of additions to fine-tune the orthotic for each patient. The flexibility of the VHD design allows for a wide combination of applications to address your patients’ tri-planar motion problems.£58
  • Vasyli Full Length Custom Orthotics

    MEDIUM DENSITY Designed for the patient with an “average” weight and activity level and general orthotic needs, medium-density orthotics provide excellent biomechanical control. Available in 3/4 and full-length models.£51
  • Vasyli Prior Sports Orthotics


    The association between VASYLI Medical and Trevor Prior, a UK podiatric surgeon and sports podiatrist, goes back many years. When asked about any gaps in the availability of prefabricated orthotics, Trevor immediately suggested the need for a low-profile cleated sports footwear device. It’s uniquely challenging to accommodate an orthotic device with this style of footwear. The lack of heel depth, tight glove-like fit, soft leather, and narrow and flat profile of the stud/cleat plate all contribute to a difficult environment in which to control the foot. Nonetheless, Trevor felt there was a need to provide a cost-effective alternative for recreational, amateur, and professional athletes. By utilizing sophisticated in-shoe sensor technology to optimize design, Trevor created an orthotic profile that enhances fit and biomechanical performance. The VASYLI + Prior sports orthotic is an essential addition to the VASYLI Signature orthotic range.


    • A subtle 4mm heel raise is perfect for tight posterior muscles and associated conditions such as Achilles tendinitis.
    • The rearfoot post of 3° + the 4mm raise forms a smart medial wedge, giving control without the “bulk.”
    • A low-profile medial arch contour ensures comfort, while the high-density heat-moldable shell provides further customization, enhancing fit and performance.
    • The intrinsic forefoot contours balance the unique forefoot loads experienced with studs or cleats. It further enhances 1st ray plantar flexion, facilitating hallux dorsiflexion.
    • This in turn assists in instigating the windlass mechanism — promoting high-gear propulsion, stabilizing the forefoot, and locking the midfoot for maximum power transfer during heel up and toe off.