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Podplus shop and clinic was founded in 2005 by the Austen family to provide advice on products and services to make your life more comfortable. Our team aim to consistently provide a high level of service and advice and ensure your expectations are met.

Podiatry team - Tom Austen, Alaric Arokiasamy, Sarah Davies, Priti Patel

Tom Austen (Lead Podiatrist) - Cricket & Rugby

Tom is a biomechanics specialist who has been working with professional athletes including the Kent Cricket team for a number of years. He lectures in Podiatry at Brighton University, manages the Podaitry team at the Brighton Marathon, and volunteers for the Kent MS Centre. He has a great deal of experience in the treatment of the lower limbs including arthritis, diabetes, children's growth problems, chiropody, sports related biomechanics and injury. Tom has completed his masters in the principles of Podiatric surgery and is currently spending at least one day per week working within a surgery unit.







Alaric Arokiasamy (Podiatrist) - Football

Alaric recently qualified from Cardiff and has continued learning to develop his interest and skills in biomechanics, nail surgery, and routine chiropody. Alaric provides in-depth assessments for biomechanical issues, as well as providing Chiropody for Podplus at local rural GP surgeries (Hamstreet, Woodchurch, Charing, Wye). Alaric also frequently updates his skills at biomechanics seminars, the Society conferences, and volunteers at the Brighton Marathon medical conference as well as working alongside Mr Tom Austen in Ashford, and at the St Lawrence Ground in Canterbury.







Sarah Davies (Podiatrist) Health & Fitness enthusiast 

Sarah worked as an NHS Podiatrist for over 13 years, she now works for the Ministry of Defence. She use video gait analysis in her biomechanical assessments, to gain more information to aid diagnosis of any biomechanical issues that may be causing pain or discomfort. Sarah specialises in sports injuries, rehabilitation, pediatrics and hypermobility syndrome issues.








Priti Patel (Podiatrist)

Priti specialises in routine Chiropody care, ingrowing toenails and nail surgery. Her Podiatry masters study looked at the condition of all aspects of Diabetes and in particular how it can affect the lower limbs and feet. Priti grew up in Bolton and has lived in Kent for 9 years with her husband Tim and two children Diya and Dylan.








Sports Therapy, Pilates & Sports Massage Team - Richard Puxty, Chris Philips, Mo Sheeta, Hannah Farris

Richard Puxty (Sports Scientist and Sports Therapist) - Ironman triathlons

Richard deals in the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, including deep tissue massage therapy. Richards specialisation is an extension of his own passion Triathlons, Ironman, running and cycling. Richard's particular interest is in biomechanics, neck, shoulders and lower limb and also provides a comprehensive Bike Fit service.








Chris Philips (Sports Scientist and Sports Therapists) - Football

Chris studied in Sports Science and mastered in Sports Therapy, in particular shoulder rehabilitation. Chris uses a variety of treatment modalities including deep tissue massage therapy, kinesiology taping, ultrasound, joint and spinal mobilisations, as well as exercise prescription. Chris sees a lot of endurance athletes, mainly runners and assists them in achieving their marathon and ultra marathon goals. Chris has had particular success in knee management, and has delivered several practical workshops for Podplus including self treatment sessions using foam roller and taping.







Mo Sheeta (Massage Therapist)

Mo is providing Sports Massage Therapy at Podplus, having spent over 20 years working with sports teams and spa's in Europe, he is now an associate member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in the UK, and provides advice and treatment for a variety of patients. Mo uses varied methods including ceramic heat therapy, mobilisations, massage and exercise prescription during his treatment.








Hannah Farris (Massage Therapist)

Hannah has a passion for Sports Massage is providing student rate therapy at Podplus. She has worked with our team at the Brighton Marathon, and at other running events too.









Lara Chandler (Yoga and Pilates)

Lara provides Pilates classes and one to one sessions for Podplus at the Julie Rose Stadium. She also works in the local area and you can find more of her sessions by following her on facebook.







Physiotherapy team - Chris Watts, Hannah Chambers, Jo Balachandran

Chris Watts (Physiotherapist)

Chris has many years experience in the treatment and management of musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries and pre/post operative rehabilitation. He is fluent in the diagnosis and therapy options to resolve issues such as back, neck and joint pain. Chris specialises in shoulder pain and sports injuries. Chris also offers acupuncture for pain relief as part of his treatment plan.








Hannah Chambers (Physiotherapist)

Hannah has many years of physiotherapy experience in the assessment and treatment of complex musculoskeletal conditions. She has also completed a Masters in Health that focused on advanced physical assessment and rheumatology.  Her specialty areas are inflammatory disease/arthritis, jaw pain, spinal pain and pregnancy related pain but also has a wide range of sporting knowledge having competed at a high level in gymnastics and football. Just like Chris, Hannah too offers acupuncture treatments for pain relief






Podplus Shop Office and Reception Team

Kate Austen (Shoe Advisor & Managing director) - Running & Open Water Swimming



Sylvia Barrett (Shoe Advisor & Merchandiser) - Ultra & Endurance running, swimming, cycling, triathlons, windsurfing, lookerer of livestock, wildlife enthusiast

(Sylvia on the Left)



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